Friday, July 3, 2009

Day 68-69 (Fri-Sat June 5-6, 2009)

Graduation...been a long 10 weeks

Graduation day!!!! All of class 71 showed up at the gym where we initially entered Camp Funston and lined up for the ceremony. With all of us standing at parade rest, a few words were said by the chaplain and the Executive Officer of Camp Funston. Next, with the audio tape playing in the background, the Army units sang their Army songs, the Air Force sang a verse of their song and then…the audio tape quit…no Navy love. So, in fine fashion as would be expected, we as 25 strong Navy sailors belted out Anchor’s Away…without music. Afterwards, CDR Troup (the head of our Navy Liaison Team) said that our version was by far the best he’d heard in his time at Fort Riley. Go Navy!

All in all, the graduation took 7 minutes. The most efficient evolution we were ever a part of at Fort Riley. Time to go home for a few weeks. Oh yeah, after the graduation, we were informed that our I-stop time would be extended from 16 to 22 days off. Sweet.

Having packed everything up, we boarded a bus for Kansas City International Airport at midnight. We arrived at KCI by 0300 and by 0630 we were heading home. What a good feeling.

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