Thursday, April 2, 2009

Days 3 and 4...time's a tickin'

Wednesday was a good day.  We reported at 0800 and were released almost immediately.  I think the exercise of the day was to get a roll call, which they refer to as "muster".  The rest of the day was spent taking care of the home-front issues.  Fortunately, I was able to spend it with Isabella.  To cap it off, we had a great meal at a place called Bertrand at Mr. A's.  Great food, beautiful views overlooking San Diego and the incoming airplanes and dessert (sooo good).  

Today (Thursday) was suppose to be a short day as well...hmmm, I've learned not to expect anything.

We all arrived in the auditorium for a brief on what to expect once "in country".  This was probably one of the most informative briefs of the week.  Sorry I can't go into details, but I'm still censoring information.  Then we were fitted with "gas masks"...awesome.  I hope I never have to use that piece of equipment.  Check out the picture above.  

And in usual fashion, we ended the day by eating.  However, this particular evening was fraught with the indulgence of Phil's BBQ.  Wow, what a great dinner.  We haven't had a good BBQ meal down here in San Diego until tonight.  Again, Wow!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day we go again 

Up at 0600 today; so happy to sleep in a little (the extra hour or TWO really makes a difference!)  Today was our medical reconciliation day.  By 0700, we were all accounted for and being carted off to have our immunization shots...I have the sore shoulder to prove it.  Fortunately, we were done by 0945 and released until 1300 to do whatever we needed to.  So, I bolted for home, spent some time with Isabella and was set to relax when...UGH, I was called back 30 minutes later to see the medical provider to have my chart signed off.  (Wait a minute, am I not a medical provider?  Couldn't I do that?  ANSWER: No.)  

I arrive back at the processing site around 1045 and proceed to wait until 1130 when I am told the "medical providers" will be at lunch and I should return at 1300.  Happy to oblige (no sarcasm at all), I ate lunch and returned with earnest anticipation.  Still waiting, I was finally seen by the provider at 1500 and following a few minor stops to have my record re-checked, again, I was released for the day.  1600.  Nice to finally go home.  I calculated 45 minutes worth of actual work and the remainder...just waiting in lines.

Driving home, I was happy to find out we had plans to go to Buca de Beppo's for dinner with some of our friends from work.   The company was fantastic and we enjoyed a great Italian meal.  Please see the pictures above.  

Day the books

It was an early start to the day.  I was up at 4 am, or 0400 ("O" four hundred) for all you civilians.  Yet remarkably, I was still stuck in a line extending to Tijuana for our check-in.  Following this, I moved to another line where a petty officer copied my orders and sent me to another get the picture.  This happened at least 2 more times before I finally made it to the uniform fitting.  Pray with me that the size 9 1/2 boots don't cause me blisters.  Then, it was on to the auditorium for what the, more Experienced, refer to as "Death by PowerPoint".  This is a plethora of presentations designed to inform...but unfortunately, is better suited as a sleep aid (competition for Lunesta).  And thus, my day came to a close at 1600 (4 pm).  

I make light of the need to exercise patience, yet in the long run, I'm sure this is a necessary process and helpful...maybe.

I hope you are all enjoying this.  

(This blog should be dated March 30, 2009...but I deleted it from yesterday and couldn't get it back...I'm new.)  

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tomorrow I begin the first day of my deployment.  Admittedly, I'm feeling the stress of iminent change.  Whether I like it or not, this is going to happen. 
I'm doing my best to remember the positive intentions of this mission.  Most importantly, thoughts of my family and friends keep me grounded.