Thursday, July 23, 2009

Days 69-90 (June 6-27, 2009)

A Very Welcome Vacation From Training...

Returning home from training was fantastic. I don't plan on writing much about this, because I assume no one wants to hear about the family visits and personal things...or do you?

Anyway, after being home for a few days Isabella and I went back to Montana to visit my family once more before heading out. We had a great time and saw a bunch of family. We even sat in the hot tub was awesome...gotta get one of those.

(Just the girls...and Maddex at Zoo Montana)

Keeping with the plan of traveling and having a good time, Isabella and I spent the next week in Los Cabos for our anniversary. As usual when I visit a tropical place I turned several colors...pale white to raspberry red to bronze...nice to have some color, but gotta watch that sun. We had a great time and didn't feel like coming home.

The last week of vacation was filled with me tying up loose ends and Isabella and I relishing our last few days together. It was a good vacation but the end meant one thing...the real deployment was eminent.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hi Everyone,

Well, I'm finally done with my late posts for Fort Riley. There's quite a few there I know. I have been keeping up with the current stuff, so you can look for those posts very soon. All is well in Kabul. Thank you all for the emails and facebook messages...they're greatly appreciated. Take care.